Prize Wheel, Plinko, Lock & Key Game


I LOVE my Prize Wheel!!!!   I searched the internet for almost a month before I selected one from

Custom Prize Wheel in Action

After it arrived I knew I made the right decision.

It was even more substantial than I thought it would be. It's of the highest quality. I can't believe it was so affordable.

I have used it several times during presentations. It really helped engage the attendees.  I would ask questions and allowed people than answered a spin at my Wheel.

It actually saved me at a presentation where my laptop was not cooperating. I just winged it using my questions and giving spins for prizes for the answers. My regional manager was at that presentation and he was very impressed. He thought the Prize Wheel was very creative and generated great participation.

Of course, I am trying to sell something at these presentations. But the Prize Wheel made the presentation seem like an opportunity to learn about my products instead of selling.

I plan to use it at some of my customers stores offering 10% off, 20% off items the store wishes to eliminate stock of. My customers appreciate the opportunity to sell stock they wish to sell out of in an exciting fun way.

If you are considering buying a Prize Wheel, don't hesitate. I promise it will pay for itself time and time again with new sales and satisfied customers. 

-Patty Storie, Herff Jones, (St. Louis, Missouri)

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