Prize Wheel, Plinko, Lock & Key Game


People lined up to spin the Prize Wheel.

The big event [at HeroesCom] started on Friday and lasted until Sunday. We expected that our table, located at the far end of the convention center floor on the edge of the artists’ space, would get some foot traffic. We really expected to spend the entire weekend shooting video content for our YouTube channel with one person left behind to work the spinning wheel. That… didn’t exactly happen. Little did we know, but people love spinning wheels. And I don’t mean a passive love, I mean an all-consuming and incredibly active love. The kind of love that leads to repeat visits and waiting in long lines. Because we had long lines. For the better part of two days.

Katey watches the prize wheel spin.

  • People love spinning wheels (this cannot be reiterated enough).
  • Regardless of the answer given, the spinning wheel is a fun introduction to our site that leads to many smiles and much swag.

This testimonial contains excerpts from Stack Exchange blog post (June 26, 2012).

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