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Big 40" Prize Wheel

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Oversized shipping charges apply for this Prize Wheel.

The 40" Big Prize Wheel allows you to customize most of the front of the Wheel by using standard legal-size paper.

This giant prize wheel will draw a crowd at the office, trade show, store, annual meeting, wedding or any other event.

The clicking sound builds excitement as it spins! Assembly is easy with a sturdy tripod style stand made of high quality powder-coated steel.

All of our black wheels are made of a combination of extra tough ABS plastic and durable PETG plastic.

The clicker itself is made of virtually unbreakable nylon plastic, able to withstand thousands of spins.

The wheel features 15-30 customizable prize slots and center plate for logo or text.

The 40" Big Prize Wheel Features:

  • A combination of tough ABS plastic and durable PETG plastic
  • A pointer that "clicks" between each slot - 30 clicks per rotation
  • 15-30 customizable prize slots and a center plate for logo or text
  • Templates in Microsoft Word and Adobe Illustrator
  • Easy assembly with tripod style stand
  • Product Weight: 20 lbs.
  • Product Dimensions: 40" W x 74" H x 34" D

IMPORTANT: Legal-size paper is required for printing prizes. This Prize Wheel ships in a very large box, and the shipping cost is often $225 or more. If this cost is too much, please consider one of our smaller Wheels.

This product ships within two business days of order placement.

This product ships within 1-2 business days of order placement. 

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