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Floor & Table Prize Wheel (12 to 24 Slot)

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The 12 to 24 Slot Floor Prize Wheel can be customized with up to 24 prizes and your company logo. This Prize Wheel features detachable legs, allow you to easily convert the game wheel from a tabletop to floor Prize Wheel.

  • Wheel measures 31 inches in diameter
  • Constructed of a combination of tough ABS plastic and durable PETG plastic
  • Pointer "clicks" between each slot -- 24 clicks per rotation
  • Magnetic center plate for your logo
  • Easy assembly with tripod-style stand
  • Product Weight: 14 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 31" wide by 74" high by 34" deep

Everything you need is included. The 12 to 24 Slot Floor Prize Wheel can be customized using the downloadable templates for Adobe Illustrator or Microsoft Word.

With any combination of prize slots from 12 to 24 on this Prize Wheel, playing the spin the wheel brings fun, excitement and unpredictability to meetings and events.

Customize the Prize Wheel

This product ships within two business days of order placement.

This product ships within 1-2 business days of order placement. 

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