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Prize Wheel Reviews

Everyone loves the Prize Wheel. People line up to spin the wheel. Read what our satisfied customers have said.

"The responsiveness [Customer Support] provided was outstanding. In a world where so much can go wrong and where so many just don't care, it was very refreshing to work with []. I told everyone at the tradeshow if they need to buy anything, they should go through your company and I'll vouch for the fact that they do back their products."
-- L. Haydu (Phoenix, Arizona)
"I am so completely satisfied with the Prize Wheel and templates! I have always been somewhat reluctant to order from online companies that aren't local. If you ever need a testimonial from a customer, I am a PRIME candidate. I would recommend your company any day. Thank you!"
-- A. Brown (Southfield, Michigan)
"The wheel was of outstanding quality, and innovation, changing the inserts was very easy and made the game that much more fun and exciting. I could not be more pleased with your product or customer service. I would recommend both to everyone. Thanks again for really showing that great customer service is still alive and means something."
-- S. Fisher (Decatur, Illinois)
"I just wanted to touch base with you and tell you how much I appreciated the level of customer service we received from your company. [Your staff] were wonderful at communicating and quick with your response. The employees absolutely loved the Plinko Game and we will be using it for future events."
-- K. Owens (Charleston, South Carolina)
"I have the Mini Click Prize Wheel and everyone loved it! We had lots of fun and people couldn't believe I made the logo and inserts! (I'm not the best at the computer, but your instructions were perfect! Even my husband was impressed!)"
-- C. VanWambeck (Sammamish, Washington)
"You have been wonderful to work with - we would no doubt do business with you again. Thanks very much for all of your help!"
-- T. Ching (Honolulu, Hawaii)
"Oh my gosh. I am so impressed and cannot thank you enough for your thoughtfulness. This is true customer service."
-- S. Kush (Coolidge, Arizona)
"Everyone just adores these Prize Wheels -- our Boston team used theirs at an event this past Wednesday and said it was such a popular attraction that they wound up running out of prizes to give away!"
-- H. Silva (San Francisco, California)
"I was trying to save some money and purchased a similar-looking prize wheel from another company. The foreign-made product was CRAP! The company even had the nerve to charge me a restocking fee when I returned the worthless piece of junk. I wish I had purchased from your company in the first place. It is refreshing to find a company that offers quality products and stands by them. Keep up the good work!"
< style="font-family: Arial, Helvetica, Geneva, Swiss, SunSans-Regular; font-size: small;">-- B. Schroeder (Atlanta, Georgia)
"I just received my Plinko Game and it's terrific. We are a radio station and this game will be going out to lots of station events."
-- C. Meyer (Washinton, DC)
"You have been a tremendous help and part of our success at our tradeshow in Chicago. We had a need and you where there to assist us, if that is not good costumer service then I do not know the definition. We look forward to doing business in the future."
-- R. Heyden (Raleigh, North Carolina)

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