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Prize Wheels Customized With Your Prizes
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Prize Wheel

The Prize Wheel is an excellent tool to build business for your business. offers variety of Prize Wheels that can be easily customized with our downloadable templates or Custom Game Gizmo.

Standard, Mini and Micro Table Prize Wheels are Available Choose from several floor wheels

Floor and Tabletop Plinko Games are available.

Locks, Keys, Treasure Chests

Choose from Brass or Acrylic Raffle Drums

Call 1-877-475-4656

Photos of the Prize Wheel from Customers

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Prize Wheels, Prize Drop, treasure chest games and other traffic-building tools can be found here at

Our business-building games will allow you to increase your company's bottom line.

The Prize Wheel, Prize Drop and Prize Dice games work well for many types of businesses, non-profit organizations and events. Here are just a few places that our clients have used our games...

  • Trade Shows
  • Banks
  • Supermarkets/Grocery Stores
  • Fitness Clubs/Gyms
  • Colleges and Schools
  • Churches
  • Restaurants and Sports Bars
  • Trivia Games
  • Radio and TV Stations
  • Cosmetic and Beauty Shows/Parties
  • Retail Stores
  • Employee Appreciation

The Prize Wheel and Prize Drop are simple to customize, too! You determine your own prizes and create your own inserts. We provide templates in Microsoft Word or Adobe Illustrator format. You can use a color printer or colored paper. You add your company logo or any other images you like. It is easy and fun! Click here to learn more.